Nov 21, 2016

Creative Habits, Healthy Lifestyle

Creative Habits, Healthy Lifestyle
United for Healthier Kids is a movement that helps to raise awareness on healthy habits that children should develop for a healthier and happier future! Our aim is to encourage healthy eating, drinking water and simple changes in everyday routine for children aged between 3 – 12 years. For this reason, we conducted an exciting competition to motivate parents to strive towards providing a healthier future for their children!

The aim of the competition was to spread awareness about three key healthy behaviors:

1) Choose to Drink Water
2) Choose Nutritious and Varied Options
3) Move More, Sit Less

With this in mind our main goal was to encourage our audience to try fun ideas to guide their children in adopting healthy behaviors in interesting ways. 

We would like to announce that the competition that ran for good 3 weeks has come to a successful close. With around 700 entries submitted by the participants the response has been positively tremendous. Winners will be announced within a month on our Facebook page. 

A big Thank You to everyone who participated! 

Behtar Kal Aaj Se. 

Winners will be selected via lucky draw! #U4HKAajSe
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